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10 June 2024
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How To: Share your Diary

There are a number of reasons why you may want to share and view your MyDriveTime diary outside of our apps, including:

  • viewing your lessons alongside events recorded in other calendar apps, such as your Google or Apple calendar
  • allowing a family member to see your daily schedule and when you might arrive home
  • sharing availability with team members not using MyDriveTime
  • embedding on your website to allow students to search and request future time slots

Whatever the reason, we’ve now made it simple to share your MyDriveTime diary whilst retaining control of your data at all times.

To get started, you will need to navigate to your diary on the mobile app and then, from the context menu, choose ‘Share my Diary’.

Here you will find a list of records detailing what information you are sharing, and with whom; we refer to these as ‘Share Profiles’.

Adding a Share Profile


When adding a Share Profile you will be prompted for a name. This can be anything you like, and really depends on how you intend to use the given profile. You may have a particular person in mind who you plan to share the profile with, for example a spouse, in which case you may enter their name. Equally, you may decide that the profile will be shared with all of your students, so you might simply name it ‘Students’.

Lesson Appearance

We have provided controls over the level of detail shown for lesson events on your diary. You can choose from the following:

  • Detailed - will include the students name and pickup/drop-off locations
  • ‘Lesson’ - will simply state that you are on a lesson, but not expose details of which student or where
  • ‘Unavailable’ - will state that your are unavailable, deliberately not exposing that you are busy with a lesson rather than personal events
Left-to-right: Detailed, ‘Lesson’, and ‘Unavailable’ output.

You should think carefully before choosing to expose too much information to someone(s) who don’t really need to see that level of information.

Unavailability Appearance

There is a similar set of controls over the Unavailability events recorded in MyDriveTime:

  • Detailed - will expose the description given to the unavailability, e.g. Dentist
  • Unavailable’ - will state that you are unavailable, omitting details of what the reason for that is
  • Hidden - excludes all unavailabilities from your shared diary
Left-to-right: Detailed, ‘Unavailable’, and Hidden output.

Save & Share

After saving your new Share Profile, you will then be presented with a link to share with your intended recipients. Following this will take them to a web page containing a web-based version of your diary—adhering to the preferences you have chosen—and instructions on how to install the diary into a range of devices.

Editing an existing Share Profile

Editing follows a similar process to adding and can be accessed from the context menu on each Share Profile. Please note: changing your settings will have an immediate effect, but devices and clients may have cached data previously; it is impossible for us to force a refresh/removal of this cached data.

Resharing the Share Profile URL

If you need to reshare the link to your Share Profile, you can do so from the context menu on the appropriate record and then Share…

Share Profile Activity

We will keep an record of the activity your Share Profile receives over the last 12 months. We will attempt to determine the device from the information given, as well as the IP address. A Share Profile is considered ‘Inactive’ if it has not been accessed for 24 hours; this can help you determine if a recipient is seeing an up-to-date version of your diary.

It’s worth checking your Share Profiles periodically to ensure that they are only being accessed by those you expect, particularly if there was only one intended recipient. If you see unfamiliar activity then you should consider revoking access and reconfiguring a new Share Profile.

Revoking a Share Profile

Revoking a Share Profile will stop anyone with the corresponding URL from being able to access the latest information in your diary. This action is irreversible, so if you change your mind you will need to reconfigure a new Share Profile and share it with the appropriate people. Please note: revoking a share profile will have an immediate effect, but devices and clients may have cached data previously; it is impossible for us to force a refresh/removal of this cached data.

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