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24 April 2024
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Preparing for Multi-User Teams


This is a significant release which lays the groundwork for multi-user schools to use MyDriveTime 2. As such it affects and enhances both the appearance and functionality of the web app. This work is still underway with the migration of existing schools using MDT1 to MDT2 being worked on and enhancements to the web app next on the agenda.

Web App

The layout of the web app has changed significantly and although the functionality provided for single user schools is pretty much the same, the changes allow for multi-user schools to start to use the app.

Menu Bar

Previously the web app had a menu bar on the left hand side and the most commonly used links were available on the dashboard. In the new version, there is now a context menu in the top right hand side of the screen which can be accessed by clicking on your initials (or your photo if you have uploaded one). This context menu contains information relating to your account, such as:

  • Settings
  • Billing Information
  • Security Information
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • The Logout button

In addition, the most often used links has been removed from this screen.

My Work

This is now your personalised work area which includes your diary, profile information and settings which are available from a horizontal menu bar.


The diary has not changed in its layout or the features it offers.


The profile information which was previously available within the settings are now available here. Anything and everything that relates to you as an individual is now in this section.


Once selected, this section shows a menu down the left hand side with all of the available options split into 4 subsections, General, Students, Lessons and Payments, each of which contains information specific to those areas.

In addition this screen contains a number of 'cards' that relate to your business including your business details, your coverage and anything that you can specifically configure. You can click on any of the items configurable on the web to access and maintain the information e.g., Business Details

Some of these items can still only be configured via the mobile app; these are identified by a box with an arrow pointing out of it e.g., Vehicles

In a specific change to the previous version, if you have configured one of the items, e.g., you have set up a number of resources, it will show some summary information on the setting card e.g., Resources

The rest of the items on this screen, Partners, Reports and Help are largely unchanged except that the Reports section has now had the sample reports removed.

... and finally

Lesson Themes is a part of MDT2 which supplements the progress you record against the syllabus, allows you to create continuity from lesson to lesson and reminds you exactly what you are working on before, during and after the lesson. Lesson themes are lesson independent i.e., they are not tied to a specific lesson, so you can add and remove them as your students move on through their training and, because your students can add them as well, are a way of improving client centred learning. Not used them before? Check them out and see what they can do for you.

For technical support, to report problems with the app or if you have any questions about this release, please email

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