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22 November 2023
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Release 2.6.0


Recurrence has arrived! Lessons and unavailability can now be booked with daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly recurrence. Furthermore, you can choose whether changes, cancellations and deletions affect the whole set of lessons/unavailability or just single ones. Maximum flexibility with the minimum of fuss.


When adding a lesson, you can choose whether to make it a recurrent lesson, opting for daily or weekly, up to 99 occurrences.

If any of the proposed lessons clash with an existing lesson (or a period of unavailability) you have the option to ignore the clash and add the lesson anyway or skip that date and add a lesson to the end. You can do this even if there is no clash (when you haven't put the wedding anniversary in as unavailability!)

  • If you need to change the whole sequence of lessons, you can do that by choosing the next upcoming lesson in the sequence and when you have made your change, choose to update all lessons from that point.
  • If you want to change part of a sequence, you can do that by choosing the first lesson you want to change and when you have made your change, choose to update all lessons from that point. This will leave all lessons up to that point as they were and all lessons from that point as a new sequence.
  • If you just need to change one lesson, select that lesson and when you have made your change, choose to update just that lesson. In this case, the lesson will be detached from the sequence and be in the diary as a normal standalone lesson. The rest of the sequence remains unchanged.

Lessons can also be cancelled or deleted, one at a time or en bloc.

We hope that these changes give you everything you want in respect of recurrence and make your lives easier. Recurrence on the web app will follow.

Our very own Emma Ashley has recorded a really helpful video to show you the basics of recurrence. This is available in our Facebook User Group, so if you're an existing subscriber, go check them out.

More to come soon! If you have any questions in the meantime, email

Written by
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