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30 November 2023
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Release 2.6.4


Several bug fixes and lifecycle improvements, including showing the test details on diary/booking state and resolving issues with the keyboard appearing over the text field. The mileage on the route tracking has also been corrected and the Lesson Reminder list now shows all relevant entries, including those where there has not been a problem.

Full List of Fixes

  • Practical test details added to diary/booking state. Previously on practical test lessons, there were no details of the date/time/location of the test shown. This has been changed so that these details now appear on the diary and on the preview booking state.
  • Keyboard issue on student notes/add address (iPhones only). Previously, when adding student notes, the keyboard might hide the notes field making it difficult to see what was being typed. This has been corrected. In addition, when adding an address the same might occur with the address fields and the map was not always positioned correctly. These have both been adjusted.
  • Incorrect mileage on route tracking. Previously the mileage was incorrectly calculated in some circumstances. This has been changed so that it now calculates correctly.
  • Resource list load failure on student app. Previously it would fail to load if there were too many videos. This has been corrected so that it now loads correctly regardless of the number of videos or other resources.
  • Incomplete lesson reminder list. Previously it was not showing in-app notifications that had been seen. This has been corrected so that it now shows all notifications for lessons that fall within the notification period.
  • Incorrect reflective log question formatting. Previously, it could not handle multi-part questions. This has been corrected.
  • Premature student sign ups. There have been a number of students who have signed up to MyDriveTime of their own accord without waiting for the invitation from their instructor. This meant that they signed up as instructors and could not access the student app. The signup process has been changed so that it now asks what type of user they are and directs them accordingly.
  • Invalid student contacts. Previously it was possible to create a student contact without a name or relationship which caused the subsequent sync to fail. This has been prevented now.

... and finally

Think you've found a bug? Can't find a feature you think should be there? Can't work out how to do something? Got an idea which you think would make your life easier?

Before you report it, check out the Roadmap via the More menu on the app. This gives details of all the known bugs (potholes) and what we are doing to fix them, as well as a number of 'How To' guides and some idea of features that are already in the works. It is not an exhaustive list but might save you a load of effort writing in - and us a load of effort in reading what you have written.

However, if you have any questions about this release or anything else, please email

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