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2 January 2024
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Release 2.7.0


Happy New Year! A little gift for you to start 2024 off on the right foot.

Payment Status has arrived. On each lesson record it now shows whether there is sufficient money in the student's kitty to cover it, using a £ icon, in the usual green is good, amber is not so good, red is positively bad, way. Plus, the web diary has been enhanced to allow lesson recurrence from there as well as the mobile app. We've also included some bug fixes and changes to the sync diagnostics process to make sure we have the right information to help you better.

Payment Status

There is now a colour coded payment status icon which appears on various screens in the app showing whether a lesson is covered by the money available in the student's account. On any lesson related screen e.g., the diary, lesson lists, the lesson planning screen etc, the icon will appear.

  • If there is sufficient money, then the icon will appear in green.
  • If there is some money but not enough, it will appear in amber.
  • If there is no money at all for the lesson it will appear in red.

So you can tell, at a glance, in advance, whether a lesson is paid for or not. Furthermore, the app will adjust automatically if you add a lesson or a payment.

Web Diary - Recurrence

Recurrence has arrived in the web diary - but only for lessons at the moment - so you can add and amend sets of lessons if you want to. It works in the same way as the mobile app.

Sync Diagnostics

We are always improving the automatic syncing process and part of that is ensuring that when things don't go quite according to plan we can identify what went wrong and fix it. So we have made some internal changes to that process - you probably won't notice anything obvious - but it improves the information that we have to investigate and resolve the problem.

Other Fixes

We have made one or two other minor changes in the app, not least including the lesson date/time on the lesson outcome state, plus a couple of recurrence errors.

... and finally

Keeping your students informed and allowing them to educate themselves is an important part of what we, as instructors, do. We have provided a neat way to do that, through the Student App. You invite them, they log on and have a wealth of information at their fingertips - literally!

  • A modern feed covering everything they've done on their journey
    • Lesson details
    • Summaries
    • Journey tracks
    • Reflections
    • Payments
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Tests etc.
  • Their progress against the syllabus so far
  • A list of resources that you have provided
  • ... plus Automatic Lesson Reminders which they can reset to a time to suit them.

Make sure that you have invited them to the app and that they are actively using it. And make sure that you are using the full range of features to give them as much help as possible.

As always, if you have any questions about this release or anything else, please email

Written by
Emma Ashley

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