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30 January 2024
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Release 2.7.2


This is an interim release which improves and enhances the sync routines which provide us with diagnostic information when the app encounters problems.

Sync Diagnostics - A Technical Explanation (in layman's language)

When the app detects a problem updating the central database, usually where it is trying to change one record and is prevented from doing so by a dependency on another record e.g., you can't add lessons to a deleted student, then it will generate a sync error, identified by the yellow bar.

Clicking on this yellow bar then allows you to see what type of record and what action is causing the problem. You can try to sync that record - by pressing the Sync button - but, depending on the nature of the error it still may not be able to do so. If it fails, you will then have the opportunity to send us Sync Diagnostics.

These diagnostics, which to you and me, look like a load of unintelligible gobbledegook, can be read and understood by those with considerably more brain cells than I have, to identify the cause. This, in turn, enables us to find the problem and fix it.

So, in essence, sync diagnostics help us to help you. This release has made that process more robust and the data we now receive is more comprehensive. You won't necessarily see any difference but, believe me, this will help us to iron out any technical difficulties with the app.

... and finally

When reporting issues to, if you include screenshots or videos, where possible, plus a clear description of what you were doing when you encountered the problem this helps us hugely to recreate the issue at this end. The more information we have, the more chance we have of quickly identifying the problem and expediting a fix.

As always, if you have any questions about this release or anything else, please email

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