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10 June 2024
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Release 2.8.0


Good News - Diary Sharing is now available! You can now share your MDT2 diary with a variety of app diaries on both Apple and Android devices. Additional blogs are available to assist you in setting up diary sharing.

Diary Sharing

You can choose to share your MDT2 diary from the context menu on the diary itself. This will let you set up a share profile which you can specifically send to anyone who needs access to your diary e.g., your partner, your family, your colleagues, your students, your bookie etc.

There is a blog post which walks you through the process of setting up the diary for sharing, plus further blogs describing how to install that shared diary on a number of popular calendars and what happens if it doesn't work (our diary sharing troubleshooting guide).

You can also restrict your share profile to show only some of the details of each item on your diary or all of them if you so wish. However, please be aware that if your diary is made publicly available, anyone, anywhere, will be able to see everything that you are doing. We believe in openness but that is probably a bit excessive...

Furthermore, although we create the share profile, publishing it to the app diary is down to the diary provider and we cannot control or influence how often they update their diary with your data.

... and finally

There are a number of resources available to help you get the best from MDT2 and they are always changing so it is worth checking back from time to time. There are:

and don't forget, if all else fails there's always the team at MyDriveTime Towers who can be contacted via

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