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10 June 2024
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Troubleshooting: Shared Diary

Sharing a MyDriveTime diary outside of our ecosystem can result in a range of oddities and quirks depending on the 3rd-party calendar apps/services being used, what version they are running, what operating system is being run, and even the make and model of device.

Much of this is outside of our control, but we will continually monitor for common issues and, if known, document possible workarounds here to help you resolve matters.

“App X is taking a long time to show updates”

This is a common problem across a range of services and apps, two in particular being Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Rather than having any given device locally fetch the latest information from MyDriveTime, these services will take our ICS feed URL and periodically fetch data on a centralised server which is then synced down to respective devices.

These services rarely offer controls over how often these syncs take place, and many state that it is likely to be 12 hours or more for updates to be fetched.


Unfortunately, the work around usually involves some third party software: either to use a different piece of calendar software altogether – one which allows the device to locally fetch up-to-date information on demand; or alternatively a piece of syncing software that will run periodically and then sync that data with your preferred calendar application.

We have provided some suggestions for Android in our Installing a Shared Diary article.

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