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How To: Share your Diary

There are a number of reasons why you may want to share and view your MyDriveTime diary outside of our apps, including: Whatever the reason, we’ve now made it simple to share your MyDriveTime diary whilst retaining control of your data at all times. To get started, you will need to navigate to your diaryContinue reading "How To: Share your Diary"

Written by
Chris Nicholson

Installing a Shared Diary

There is an abundance of calendar applications which are capable of displaying the MyDriveTime feed which has been shared with you. We’ve provided steps for a installing a feed into some of the more popular services, along with any potential caveats to be aware of, which can usually be adapted to for any other calendarContinue reading "Installing a Shared Diary"

Written by
Chris Nicholson

Troubleshooting: Shared Diary

Sharing a MyDriveTime diary outside of our ecosystem can result in a range of oddities and quirks depending on the 3rd-party calendar apps/services being used, what version they are running, what operating system is being run, and even the make and model of device. Much of this is outside of our control, but we willContinue reading "Troubleshooting: Shared Diary"

Written by
Chris Nicholson

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