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Connecting everyone means you see everything. Empower your team with simplified instructor management, allocations & customer support.

Connect & share

Eliminate time-wasting, duplication and human error by connecting your administrators, instructors and students together, allowing you to instantly view and share data across your whole school. Manage diaries, students and instructors centrally, and share data in real time like never before.

Add value & support

For instructors, the management of their students, time and money is crucial to the success of their business. MyDriveTime solves that need for them, adds enormous value to the franchise you provide, helps you to support them proactively and introduces new levels of professionalism.

See the big picture

When data is stored in one place, it becomes greater than the sum of its parts, providing your school with visibility on events as they occur. No more guessing or relying on second-hand, delayed information, meaning you stay informed and make better, quicker decisions.

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For school admins…

Running the day to day affairs of a driving school becomes simpler overnight with MyDriveTime, by bringing everything together in one central, easy-to-use system. Respond quicker to customer demands and monitor activity centrally to ensure nothing is missed.

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For instructors…

Equip your instructors with MyDriveTime to help them better manage their students, diary and money, adding value to your franchise and credibility to your driving school. Simple, intelligent student allocation and management will revolutionise the way you support them.

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For students…

Today's learner manages their life on a smartphone. The sophisticated MyDriveTime Student App provides your school & instructors with a competitive advantage over traditional driving schools, leading to higher referrals and happier, more engaged students.

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Everything in one package

MyDriveTime can be set up for your school within a few hours and comes with everything you need to manage your driving school; everything your instructors need to manage their business, and everything your students need to track their learning journey.

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Integrate with your existing system

Enhance the capability of your existing in-house systems by integrating with MyDriveTime to add our instructor tools and the student app.

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How MyDriveTime helps me run my school

I first met Dan Hill founder of MyDriveTime some years ago. MyDriveTime had developed an app to help driving instructors run and organise their business. Dan was very interested in developing his app to help multi-car driving schools and has sought our input throughout the process of development in order to fully understand our needs.

What MyDriveTime has built and continues to develop is an app that adds real value to Let's Instruct, our driving instructors and now our students with the development of the student app. A top quality product.

There are many advantages to using MyDriveTime for us as a school, but I will focus on the relationship we have developed with the MyDriveTime team. As a busy driving school and using a product that is integral to our business we need to know we can trust not only the product but the people behind it. The team are always on hand to answer any questions and deal with any issues we may have, almost like another department within our business!

The apps are very reliable, intuitive to use, fantastic value for money and whether you’re a multi-car driving school like ourselves or a single instructor I wouldn't hesitate to recommend using MyDriveTime in your business.

Matt Stone
Let's Instruct Driving School
Winner, Regional Driving School of the Year 2019

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