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Checking your financial status

MyDriveTime lets you see exactly where you stand, financially, without having to sift through receipts in your wallet or manually update a fiddly spreadsheet. Just add transactions as you go, and MyDriveTime displays it all to you in a neat and tidy way. It means you can analyse how well you're doing regularly, identify any issues that may otherwise have remained hidden, and plan effectively for any tax obligation you can expect at the end of the year.

Viewing your transactions

View a list of all transactions entered into MyDriveTime, or apply a filter to only see specific entries.

Viewing all transactions

  1. Hover over the Money menu and select the My Transactions option.
  2. View and edit individual transactions by clicking the transaction Date.
  3. Use the pagination tools at the bottom of the list to navigate through all transactions or change the number of records displayed at once on each page.

Filtering and finding transactions

To display only transactions that meet a specific criteria, use the Filter Records tool above the table of records...

  1. Click/tap the Show Filter button to open the Filter Records panel, which looks as follows:
  1. Complete the fields to reflect the records you want to show, then click Apply Filter. The list will refresh to show only matching records.
  2. Click Hide Filter at any time to shrink the panel, giving you more room to see the results. The filter is not removed when you show or hide the panel.

Removing the filter

Hover over the Money menu and click My Transactions again to refresh the data and remove the filter.

Financial Summary

Hover over the Money menu and click/tap View Financial Summary. This displays a Profit & Loss report based on the transactions you have entered. It is defaulted to the current financial year.

Changing the date range

You can change the date range applied by clicking/tapping the Show Filter button above the report. This reveals the following panel:

Select the range you wish to view, then complete any remaining fields that appear. Click Apply Filter to change the data used to calculate your Profit & Loss report.

Viewing transactions within a category

You can view a list of the transactions that make up a transaction type total on the Financial Summary page by clicking/tapping on the transaction type Description, e.g. Fuel or Student Lesson fees. This opens the My Transactions page, which displays only the transactions that result in the total displayed.