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Manging your lesson records

MyDriveTime is about getting your admin done with the least amount of hassle. This keeps you sane, organised and takes away the pain come year end tax return time. Keeping on top of your lessons records is vital to this.

Managing Your Lesson Records

There are three ways to access lesson records:

  1. Go to the Diary page and double-click/tap a lesson entry.
  2. Open a Student record, switch to the Lessons tab and click a lesson record.
  3. Open the Incomplete Lesson Records page via the Diary menu or directly using the button at the top of the page, then click/tap on a record to view it.

Adding a new lesson

New lesson bookings are created via the Diary page. View the Creating a Lesson page for details on how to do this.

Lesson Details record

The Lesson Details page consists of seven tabs containing information and options to help you.

This tab displays the booking details, logistics and outcome for this lesson.

Lesson Type

Select the type of lesson you're delivering from the list of options available.

Pick Up & Drop Off locations

Selecting Pick Up and Drop Off locations are optional. To learn more about changing the options available in this list, visit the Locations tab on the Setting up your lists page.

Lesson outcome

Setting whether this lesson was delivered or cancelled is required before you can complete the record. The following happens depending on which option you select:

  • Selecting Delivered tells MyDriveTime to deduct the duration of this lesson from the student's Available Hours total.
  • Selecting Cancelled reveals a second question, asking if you are going to charge for it anyway. The following happens depending on your answer to this question:
    • Choosing No does not affect anything. The cancelled lesson record remains on the student's Lessons history, and is highlighted as having been cancelled. It is also removed from your Diary.
    • Choosing Yes tells MyDriveTime to deduct the duration of the lesson from the student's Available Hours total anyway, even though the lesson wasn't delivered. If the student pays upfront, this simply reduces his balance. If the student pays as they learn, their Available Hours balance will become negative, prompting you to collect the payment next time. The cancelled lesson record remains on the student's Lessons history, and is highlighted as having been cancelled. It is also removed from your Diary.

Lesson Summary

Summarise the lesson here, including notes on what you plan to cover next time. The description you enter here is then available to view on the Previous Lesson tab on the subsequent lesson record to help remind you what happened.

Lesson Record Status

MyDriveTime uses a traffic-light system to help you manage your lesson records. The aim is to set a lesson record to Completed once you're satisfied that you've finished updating it, following a lesson. There are three states:

  • Pending | this lesson is scheduled to take place, but hasn't been delivered (or cancelled) yet.
  • Pending | this practical test lesson is scheduled to take place, but hasn't been delivered (or cancelled) yet.
  • Incomplete | a lesson entry turns red from the moment it is scheduled to begin. It stays red until you tell MyDriveTime that you've finished working on the record, e.g. entered the Lesson Summary, recorded payments received and updated student progress.
  • Completed | when you're happy that you've finished updating the record, click the Set this lesson to Complete link at the bottom of this tab. This turns the entry green, both here and on your diary, indicating that you're all done with it. It also reduces the count of incomplete records shown on the (Incomplete Lesson Records) button.

Note: The Hours Delivered and Hours Available totals displayed for a student are based on COMPLETED lessons only. Updating your records as soon as possible following a lesson will help to ensure these figures are correct.

Provides quick access to your student's profile information for viewing and updating.

Further information on working with student information can be found on the Profile tab of the Working with student information page.

Provides quick access to the Lesson Summary you entered at the end of your last lesson with this student. It also shows the date and time elapsed since your last lesson.

Note: If no lesson summary was entered on the previous lesson record, it will be blank, so it's important to keep up to date with your past lessons to ensure this information is available to you for future lessons.

Update your student's progress as part of your lesson updates. Each discipline is rated using stars to indicate proficiency, with a key placed at the top of the page.

Updating a discipline

  1. Click/tap on the star that reflects the students proficiency in the discipline.
  2. Remove a rating completely by clicking/tapping on the no entry icon.
  3. Click Save & Close to save your changes. You can do this once you've updated everthing else too.

Changing your syllabus

When you add a new student, your syllabus is 'stamped' onto their record and cannot be changed.

View the Customising your teaching syllabus to learn more about tailoring it to the way you teach.

Sometimes, you'll receive money from a pupil during a lesson. This tab provides a quick way to register that income into MyDriveTime without having to leave the Lesson record.

Adding a transaction

  1. Open the Add Transaction tab and click/tap Yes on the switch. This reveals the required fields.
  2. Most fields are populated for you, based on the transaction relating to this lesson. Check you're happy with this pre-populated information and change it if necessary.
  3. Select the Payment Method (optional) and enter the Total amount (required). Notes may be entered optionally.
  4. The transaction is added when you click/tap the Save & Close button, once you're done updating the lesson record.

Note: Transactions are not linked to the lesson record - the ability to add a transaction during your post-lesson processing is there for convenience only. This means you can add any type of transaction by changing the preset field entries. The transaction is added when the lesson record is closed.

Provides a snapshot summary of your student's account and recent activity. Particularly useful if you're asked for an update during a pick up or drop off.

Financial Summary

At the top of this tab is a set of tiles providing an instant summary of the hours purchased and delivered.

Here is how each value is calculated:

  • Total Income | the sum of all transactions logged against this student, including any refunds.
  • Hours Credited | when you record a Student Lesson Hours transaction, you are asked to enter the number of hours they are purchasing with the amount they are paying. This total represents the total number of lesson hours purchased.
  • Hours Delivered | this is the total duration of all lessons you have marked as Completed for this student. This includes cancelled lessons that you indicated you're charging for.
  • Hours Available | the total of Hours Credited, minus Hours Delivered. Will show in Red if the balance is negative, indicating that the student has received more tuition than they've purchased.

Recent activity

Beneath the summary is a list containing the most recent 10 activities for this student, including transactions logged and lessons delivered.

Note: Depending on the size of the display you're using to view this page, some columns made be hidden.

Note: Unless you have set this lesson record to Completed then saved it, the information displayed here will not include this lesson. Checking the latest record in the Recent activity will show the latest information on which these figures are based.

If you would like to delete a lesson record, click/tap on the Delete Lesson tab. Full instructions on the implications of deleting a record are provided on the tab.

To delete the record, click/tap on the Yes, delete this lesson button.

Delivering a lesson free of charge

There are two tasks required to account for a lesson you deliver without payment:

Task 1: Complete the lesson record

This adds the lesson duration to the Hours Delivered total and reduces the Hours Available total for the student. If this was the first hour you had delivered, your student's financial summary would look like this:

Task 2: Credit your student's account

As you can see above, recording the lesson only makes the figures look wrong. It seems like the student owes you for one hour's tuition. To accommodate for this, we need to credit the student's account as follows:

  1. Click the Add Transaction tab if you're viewing a Lesson Details record. Alternatively, hover on the Money menu and select Add Transaction.
  2. In the Type field, choose the Student Lesson Fees option.
  3. Select the Student and enter the number of Lesson Hours you're providing without charge. In this example, it would be a value of 1.
  4. Leave the Payment Method field empty.
  5. Enter a value of 0 into the Total field. You may enter some Notes explaining this transaction if you wish.
  6. Click/tap the Save & Close button to save the transaction.

You have now added time to the student's Hours Credited, which balances up the Hours Available total. The above example would now look like this:

Delivering a pre-paid lesson

If a student has already paid you for their lesson, there is no need to add a further transaction when completing your post-lesson update. Completing the lesson record will add the lesson duration to the Hours Delivered value, which will reduce the number of Hours Available that remain.