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Working with student information

MyDriveTime helps you record, manage and review a vast amount of information on your students. This helps you gain a birds eye view in an instant, including their details, lesson & payment history as well as progress.

Student lists

You can organise your customers by sorting them into the Active Students or Inactive Students list.

  1. On the Students menu, click/tap on My Students. This shows the Active Students list by default.
  2. Switch between lists using the Active | Inactive toggle buttons at the top right of the page.
  3. To find a student quickly, enter all or part of their name or telphone number in the Search field, above the list, then click/tap the Go button. Any matching entries will display. Return to a full list by clicking the Clear Search button.
  4. Pagination controls below the list help you scroll through pages, or set the Records per page value to increase the number of records displayed in the list.

Adding or viewing existing students

  1. To add a new student, click the Add Student button. View the Adding a new student page for further details.
  2. Click/tap on a students Name to open their record.

Student Details record

MyDriveTime organises student information into six categories. You can switch between categories, but must click the Save or Save & Close button to commit any changes you make. The Profile category is displayed by default.

Store personal and contact details here for your student.

Rate per Hour

The Rate per Hour field is for information only, and is optional. It does not have any bearing on financial information, but may be useful for you to store a special rate.

Lead Source

Recording where this student came from is useful in helping you determine where you're winning your business from. You can find out more about configuring this list on the Lead Sources tab on the Setting up your lists page.

Record your student's progress against your own syllabus as they progress towards their test. Each discipline is rated using stars to indicate proficiency, with a key placed at the top of the page.

Updating a discipline

  1. Click/tap on the star that reflects the students proficiency in the discipline.
  2. Remove a rating completely by clicking/tapping on the no entry icon.
  3. Click Save or Save & Close to save your changes.

Changing your syllabus

When you add a new student, your syllabus is 'stamped' onto their record and cannot be changed.

View the Customising your teaching syllabus to learn more about tailoring it to the way you teach.

Displays a list of past and planned lessons for this student, including the lesson Date & Time, the Duration, Lesson Type and Pick Up location. It also displays that admin status of the lesson record, and indicates whether or not the lesson was cancelled.

View a lesson record

Click/tap on the Date & Time value to display the Lesson Details page.

Note: Depending on the size of the display you're using to view this page, some columns made be hidden.

The Money tab provides a real-time snapshot of your student's financial standing with you. It is based on the transactions you post against the student, and the lesson records you have set as Completed.

Financial Summary

At the top of this tab is a set of tiles providing an instant summary of the hours purchased and delivered.

Here is how each value is calculated:

  • Total Income | the sum of all transactions logged against this student, including any refunds.
  • Hours Credited | when you record a Student Lesson Hours transaction, you are asked to enter the number of hours they are purchasing with the amount they are paying. This total represents the total number of lesson hours purchased.
  • Hours Delivered | this is the total duration of all lessons you have marked as Completed for this student. This includes cancelled lessons that you indicated you're charging for.
  • Hours Available | the total of Hours Credited, minus Hours Delivered. Will show in Red if the balance is negative, indicating that the student has received more tuition than they've purchased.


Beneath the summary is a list of all transaction records logged against a student. To view Transaction Details, click on the Date value on the relevant record.

Note: Depending on the size of the display you're using to view this page, some columns made be hidden.

MyDriveTime helps you manage a record of the theory and practical tests undertaken by your student.

Add a test

  1. Click/tap the Add Practical Test or Add Theory Test button.
  2. Complete the fields in the window. The Date field is mandatory, but all other fields are optional.
  3. Click/tap the Save & Close button to save your record and close the window.

You can open the official test booking sites using the Book practical/theory test with the DVSA links.

Note: For information on managing your list of test centres, view Test Centres tab on the Setting up your lists page

Viewing, updating & deleting a test

  1. Click/tap on the Date of the test you want to view.
  2. Update information on the page, then click/tap Save & Close to save your changes.
  3. To delete a test, open the record and click/tap the Delete This Practical/Theory Test button.

Any notes you would like to add about a student may be recorded in the field on this tab.

Remember to click the Save or Save & Close button once you've finished updating your notes to avoid losing your changes.

At the bottom of the left-hand panel on this page are two options to help you organise your students.


Each student has a status that controls whether it is Active or Inactive. Switching your students to Inactive once you've finished working with them results in the following:

  1. The student is moved from the Active Students list to the Inactive Students list. Your old students are never removed from MyDriveTime, allowing you to build up an instantly accessible archive of your customers.
  2. The student no longer appears in the day-to-day lists you use for things like adding a lesson booking, or adding a transaction.

Deactivate a student

  1. Click/tap Inactive on the Active | Inactive switch.
  2. Click the Save or Save & Close button to commit this change.

Reactivate a student

  1. Search for the student in the Inactive Students list and click their name to open their Student Detials record.
  2. In the Status tab, click/tap Inactive on the Active | Inactive switch.
  3. Click the Save or Save & Close button to commit this change. The student will now reappear in the Active Students list and in lists throughout MyDriveTime.

Delete Student

A student record can only be permanently removed from MyDriveTime if you have not yet set a lesson record associated with them to Completed, and have not logged a transaction that is associated to them.

Delete a student record

  1. Click the Delete Student tab and read the instructions displayed.
  2. If you're certain you want to permanently delete the student's details, click the Yes, delete this student button.
  3. The record is removed from MyDriveTime and you're redirected back to the Active Students list.