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The Transactions section

Tap the main menu button at the top-left of the screen and select Transactions to view a list of the transactions you’ve registered to date.

Adding a Transaction

Tap the + (plus) icon at the top of the screen to begin.

You can select whether this relates to money received or paid, however this is defaulted for you when you select the transaction Type.

Choose a Type from the list that best describes the transaction.

Select When the transaction occurred.

The transaction Method is optional, but logging this will help you identify it later if you need to, especially if a tax inspector wants evidence of the method by which you handled the money.

Enter the value of the transaction in the Total field and write any Notes about this transaction if you like.

Tap the Save/Add button at the top of the page to register the transaction.

Viewing and updating Transactions

Simply tap on a transaction in the list to open it. Tap a field to edit the value, then tap to go back when you’re done. The record in the list will immediately reflect the changes you have made.