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Adding a new student

There are two ways to add students to your MyDriveTime account:

Via the Students menu

  1. Hover over the Students menu to reveal the list of options and click on Add Student.
  2. Enter as much information about your new students as possible. Forename and Surname are mandatory.
  3. Click/tap the Save & Close button to add the new student. They will now appear in the My Students list.

Adding multiple student records

  1. Finish entering information on the new student, then click Save & Add Another button. Your record is saved and the window cleared, ready for the next student to be added.
  2. Repeat this process until all students have been added, clicking Save & Close on the last record.

Viewing a new student record

Finish entering information on the new student, then click/tap the Save & View button. This closes the Add Student window and displays the full record for the student you've just added.

When adding their first lesson

If you're in a hurry to register a new student and book them in for their first lesson, you can do both directly via the Diary.

  1. On the Diary page, add a new entry. This can be achieved by double-clicking/tapping on a start time, or by clicking and dragging to the desired end time (if your device allows it).
  2. The Add Lesson window appears. Next to the Student field, click the Add New Student button. This switches the view to the Add Student window.
  3. Enter the key info about your new student and click Save & Add Lesson to add the student and return to the Add Lesson window.
  4. Notice your new student is selected in the Student field automatically, so you can continue configuring your lesson booking. You can then return to your new student's record later when you have time to add more details.