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Diary tips and tricks

The Diary is probably the function you'll use the most within MyDriveTime, so we've included some neat tricks to make it as efficient as possible to use.

Click & Drag

If your device allows, you can add new entries and move existing entries around your diary, making it simple and quick to organise your time.

Adding Lessons or Unavailability entries

  1. Click and hold your mouse/finger on the date and time you want to add the new entry. Each cell in the Diary grid is split into two 15 minute segments, so the start time will reflect where you clicked within the cell, e.g. for 14:00, click in the top half of the cell, and for 14:15, click in the bottom half.
  2. Drag downwards until you reach the end time you require. Let go to save the entry and open the Add Lesson window.
  3. To switch between the Add Lesson and Add Unavailability windows, use the Lesson | Unavailability switch at the top of the window.

Moving entries

  1. Click and hold your mouse/finger on the Time of the entry you want to move.
  2. Drag the entry to its new location and release. The new start time is automatically saved.


We've provided four ways to view your diary. You can switch between Day, Week, Month or Agenda view using the four buttons to the left of the date at the top of the Diary.

Scrolling through your Diary

Use the left and right arrow buttons located to the right of the date at the top of the Diary to scroll through the time period currently selected. For example, if you're viewing the Week view, clicking the right arrow moves you to the next week. Return to the current day by clicking/tapping on the Today button.

Core & 24 Hour views

The vast majority of your lessons are likely to occur between 7am and 7pm, so by default, we restrict your Diary to these hours. This makes it easier to work with these Core Hours. However, if you do want to view all hours in the day, you can switch to 24 Hours using the toggle at the top of the page.

Colour coding

To help you keep track of your record-keeping at a glance, we've added a Record Status onto each Lesson. This is the status of your admin for the lesson - whether you've completed your admin or not - and does not indicate whether you've physically delivered the lesson or not. The status of each record is illustrated by colour-coding in the diary as follows:

  • Pending Lesson | booked lessons that are waiting for delivery and subsequent updating.
  • Pending Test Lesson | booked practical tests that are waiting for delivery and subsequent updating.
  • Incomplete Lesson | a lesson entry turns red from the moment the start time is reached, until such time that you tell MyDriveTime that you've finished working on the record, e.g. entered the Lesson Summary, recorded payments received and updated student progress.
  • Completed Lesson | when you're happy that you've finished your admin on a lesson entry, you switch the status to Completed. This turns the entry green on your diary, indicating that you're all done with it.
  • Unavailability | time entered as unavailable for lessons always displays in grey.

Printing your diary

If you'd still like to have a paper copy of your diary with you, simply print it from MyDriveTime and take it with you.

  1. Switch the the view you wish to print, then navigate to the required date range.
  2. Click the Print Diary. A new tab will open in your browser displaying a preview of your printout.
  3. Print your diary via your browser's menu. For example, in Internet Explorer, go to File and Print.

Note: If you're having trouble printing your Diary, please feel free to email us at support@mydrivetime.co.uk and we'll try to help. Unfortunately, due to the wide range of computers and printers available today, we're unable to guarantee a resolution as it's outside of the MyDriveTime system, but we'll do our best.