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Setting your unavailability

Set a period of unavailability in your Diary to block out periods when you're not free to take on bookings. There are two ways to add an Unavailability entry to your calendar:

'Double-Click' method

  1. Open the My Diary page and navigate to the day on which you want to block out time as unavailable.
  2. Double-click or tap on the time your unavailability begins. This opens the Add Lesson window.
  3. Switch to the Add Unavailability window by clicking/tapping on Unavailability in the toggle at the top of the window.
  4. Enter a free text Description and check the Date and Start Time.
  5. The End Time defaults to one hours later than the start time. You can change it by selecting a later time from the drop-down list, or placing your cursor into the field and manually altering the time.
  6. Click/tap the Save & Close button to return to the Diary, where your new entry will now appear.

Note: The grid on the Diary intersects the day in 30 minute intervals. However, each interval is actually divided into two 15 minute intervals. The Start Time will depend on where you click/tap inside a cell on the grid.

'Click & Drag' method

If your device supports it, this method is the quickest way to add an unavailability record.

  1. Open the My Diary page and navigate to the day on which you are unavailable.
  2. Click and hold your mouse/finger on the time you want the lesson to begin.
  3. Drag downwards until you reach the time your unavailability ends. Release your mouse/finger to save the entry. The Add Lesson window opens automatically.
  4. Repeat steps 3 to 6 in the above section.