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Here, the options available to you will depend on what your device supports:


Displays the name of the person you’re logged in as.


Hit this to log out of your account. Remember to ensure you have synchronised any changes you have made, as once you log out, all data relating to your account is deleted from the app for security. Don’t worry though, your data is still safe on our Cloud-based servers.


If your device supports PIN entry, you can enable or disable it here, as well as changing your PIN number and choose how long the MyDriveTime Companion App waits before it asks you to re-enter your PIN to gain access.


Tap the Sync Now option to send any changes you have made back to the server, and to then download any changes on the server to your device to synchronise your data. The date and time of the last sync are displayed for your convenience.

You can also accomplish this by tapping the Sync Now option at the foot of the main menu.

In this section, you can also choose how often to automatically synchronise your data when an internet connection is available. You can choose whether to allow this when you are connected to a mobile data network (i.e. 3G or 4G) or to only allow this when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.